UN Mission


1. Bangladesh is a peace loving country. This very fact is enshrined in the constitution of the Bangladesh with the foreign policy dictum “Friendship to all, malice to none”. The father of the nation ‘Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’ in his inaugural speech at the United Nation General Assembly back in September 1974 has pronounced this pledge and we are committed to uphold the same at any cost. Basing on this principle, Bangladesh on its quest to establish world peace has already made enormous contribution under the auspices of blue helmet. Today, Bangladesh is widely recognized as a brand name in the Peacekeeping domain and she firmly believes that it is her sacred duty to serve the humanity anywhere, anytime.

2. Bangladesh Navy personnel have been participating in UN peacekeeping mission since 1993. image description So far, 3870 Officers and Sailors have participated in 29 UN peacekeeping missions with utmost sincerity and devotion. The first independent Bangladesh Navy contingent was deployed in UNIKOM post Gulf War-I in 1997 to patrol in the waterways demarcating the Iraq-Kuwaiti border as part of DMZ enforcement. Following that footstep Bangladesh Navy deployed the first independent Force Riverine Unit in UN Mission in Sudan in 2005 which continued till 2012. In 2005 Bangladesh Navy also deployed a Boat Detachment in Ivory Coast and operated for 11 years in the Lagoons of Abidjan. Both of these deployments terminated with the establishment of peace and successful completion of UN Mandate.

3. Endowed by the rich experience of those maritime deployments, Bangladesh Navy ventured into a more enterprising undertakings with pioneer deployment of two ships, a Frigate and an Offshore Patrol vessel, as part of the UN Maritime Task Force in Lebanon since 2010. Such deployment to a great distance in the Mediterranean Sea, almost 8000 kms away from the home port, is a true manifestation of Bangladesh Navy’s operational and sustenance capability. Recently, BN has rotated these two ships with two new platforms, with multiplied and diverse capability to perform in a better and efficient manner.

4. Besides those riverine contingents and maritime units, Bangladesh Navy also took part in UN Peacekeeping missions in 29 different countries. At present, about 526 Officers and Sailors of Bangladesh Navy are deployed in the UN Peacekeeping missions as Observer, Military Staffs and Liaison Officers and as contingent members in Western Sahara, Liberia, Lebanon, D R Congo, Mali, Ivory Coast, Darfur, Central African Republic and South Sudan.

5. To carryout the challenging and dangerous activities under distress many members of Bangladesh Armed Forces have sacrificed their lives. Mentionable that, Ex O No 890192, M Nurul Islam, LS (CD) of Bangladesh Navy was killed in ambush by the local militia in ENGOKI on 25 February 2005, while he was performing the patrol duty with BANBAT-2 deployed in MONUC (D R Congo). Recognizing his supreme sacrifice, UN awarded him with DAG HAMMARSKJOLD Medal and US$ 50,000/00 for his family. Another Naval person Ex Personal Number 5095 Anowarul Islam Khan, Leading expired on 14 April 2013 on board Bangladesh Navy Ship OSMAN in UNIFIL (Lebanon) due to cardiac arrest. Ex Official Number 930479 M Jahangir Alam, Leading Seaman (LS) expired on 31 Oct 2014 in MINUSMA (Mali) also due to cardiac arrest.