Development At Cruising Speed

23. Over the years, BN has undergone changes, not only in size and shape but also in its role, mission and vision. By now BN has around 70 ships of various types and capabilities which include Guided Missile Frigate, FAC (Missile), FAC (Gun), LPCs, OPVs, Mine sweepers etc. Bangladesh Navy entered into missile era by inducting a good number of two and four launcher Missile Boats from China in 1980s. BN missile capability was further augmented when she procured a Guided Missile Frigate (BNS OSMAN) from China in 1988. Induction of a good no of Mine sweepers provided BN mine Sweeping capability which is of crucial importance during war and short of war situation.

For training of the officers and men, BN has developed number of prestigious training institutions like Bangladesh Naval Academy, Engineering and Electrical School at BNS SHAHEED MOAZZAM, School of Logistics and Management, School of Maritime Warfare and Tactics and number of other institutions which are capable of providing world class training to our officers and sailors. Presently BN is also providing training to the officers and sailors of friendly countries


24. In the year 2000, BN added a state of the art frigate BNS BANGABANDHU in her inventory.

Construction, operations and maintenance of this hi-tech man-of-war has given BN tremendous confidence to keep pace with modern day technology. BN has acquired 2 newly constructed LPC’s from china fitted with all modern weapons, sensors and equipment in 2012. Two corvettes fitted with state-of-the-art weapon & sensors are being constructed in China.

The corvettes are likely to join BN fleet in 2015. Two refurbished frigates fitted with latest weapons and sensors including combat system have already joined BN fleet recently replacing two old Frigates BNS ALI HAIDER and ABU BAKR. It is important to mention here that, recently BN has completed construction of five Patrol Craft (PCs) successfully at Khulna Shipyard (KSY). The construction of PCs in KSY gave BN a tremendous confidence in constructing war ships indigenously.

25. The above mentioned platforms with modern outfits have enhanced BN war fighting capabilities to a greater extent. BN capability has been further augmented through induction of two Augasta Westland Helicopters from Italy and two Dornier class Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) from Germany. BN's long awaited aspiration of opening a new dimension - "The Naval Aviation" wing has thus been fulfilled by inducting these much needed air assets.

This has enhanced BN capability in Maritime surveillance and patrol by many folds. Induction of two off the shelf submarines in BN is also in the offing. The Submarines are likely to join BN fleet in 2015. This would transform Bangladesh Navy into a true three dimensional force making it invincible at sea, both in war and peace.

26. Inspired by the epic success of the valiant naval commandos in 1971, BN has been always striving to acquire a dedicated special force. Finally BN could raise the Special Warfare Diving and Salvage. Within a very short time this force has shown tremendous progress, capable of conducting special mission at sea, air and land under hostile and adverse condition.

27. Bangladesh Navy has witnessed phenomenal growth in last three decades. When it first set the sail it had only two gunboats. Today BN stands all with more than 80 ships and craft. In the recent years it has also acquired two vital dimensions namely SWADS and Naval Aviation. Today it has not only pledges to safeguard the national territorial integrity, but it has also expanded its commitment to peace beyond national frontier. For all these, BN pays deep homage to all its predecessors whose relentless hard work and passion could make this happen.