Training Officers

Generally Under Trainee Officers of Bangladesh Navy undergo total 4 years training. Among 4 years, in the first 3 years they are being trained as part of pre commissioning training. Later on 1 year post commissioning training is conducted on board ships as part of watch keeping. In the initial days of their training, all Officer Cadets undergo 10 weeks Jt services training in Bangladesh Military Academy with Army and Airforce Cadets. In the Naval Academy they continue for another 18 months in 3 semesters. The 4th semester training is conducted onboard ship for 6 months. Then they are promoted to the rank of Midshipman and are allocated with branches. Later on the Executive and Supply branch Midshipmen undergo XOBC and SOBC training respectively for 1 year in BNA. In the mean time Technical branch Midshipmen (Engineering and Electrical) continue their MIST Level-1 in BNA for same duration (01 year). On successful completion of 3 years pre commissioning training all Midshipmen are commissioned in Bangladesh Navy as Sub Lieutenant. After comminsioning, Sub Lieutenants of Executive and Supply branch join ships for watch kepping for the duration of 1 year. Aafter sucecessful completion of 4 years training, the Executive branch and Supply branch Officers are awarded with Bsc in Maritime Science and BBA in Logistics Management respectively. The Technical branch officer (Engineering and Electrical) are sent to Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) at Dhaka for a period of 3 years. After graduation from MIST they are also sent to different ships for 6-12 months duration to obtain Watch Keeping Certificate. Later on all branches officers have to undergo Specialization Course in their respective fields at home and aboard.

The detaileddescription of officers’ various Professional courses are given bellow:

    Ser Name of Courses Name of School Name of Establishment
    1 Executive officer Basic Course (XOBC) Bangladesh Naval Academy BNS ISSA KHAN
    2 Long Gunnery(G) Course Gunnery School
    3 Navigation and Direction Specialization Course ND School
    4 Helo Control
    5 Long Torpedo Anti Submarine (TAS) Course TAS School
    6 Long Hydrographic Course Hydrography School
    7 Basic Hydrographic Course
    8 Communication Specialization Course Signal School
    9 Principal Officer (Basic) Course SMWT
    10 Elementary Warfare Course
    11 Missile Command & Tactics Course FAC School
    12 Missile Officer& FCS Maintenance Course
    13 Missile Operator Course
    14 Basic Diving Officer(BDO) Course SWADS School and Centre SWADS School and Centre

    Ser Name of Courses Name of School Name of Establishment
    1 MIST Level-1 - BNA
    2 Marine Engineering Specialization Course (MESC) Engineering School BNS SHAHEED MOAZZAM

    Ser Name of Courses Name of School Name of Establishment
    1 MIST Level-1 - BNA
    2 Long Electrical Course (LEC) Electrical School BNS SHAHEED MOAZZAM

    Ser Name of Courses Name of School Name of Establishment
    1 Elementary Logistic & Management Course (ELMC) - Bangladesh Naval Academy (BNA)
    2 Supply & Secretariat Basic Professional Course (SOBPC)
    3 Supply & Secretariat Advance Course (SSAC) SOLAM SCHOOL OF LOGISTIC AND MANAGEMENT

    Ser Name of Courses Name of School Name of Establishment
    1 Junior Staff Course (JSC) - Bangladesh Naval Academy (BNA)
    2 1st , 2nd ,3rd Term Cadet Course
    3 4thTerm Cadet Course - On board ship
    4 Midshipman (XOBC) - BNA

Officers in the rank of Lt/Lt Cdr are selected for Long/Specialization courses in home and abroad on basis of merit and grading in OPR. Officer in the rank of Lt Cdr/Cdr are also selected for Staff Course in Bangladesh and Abroad.

For enhancing the conceptual skills, senior level officers of the rank of Captain and Commodore are nominated for Higher Command course like National Defence University (NDU), National Defence College (NDC), Naval Command Course (NCC), Armed Forces Warfare Course (AFWC), Advanced Operations & War fighting Course (AOWC), Master of Philosophy (M Phil), Master of Security & Strategic Studies (MoSS), Bachelor of Security & Strategic Studies (BoSS) and Higher Management Course like Capstone, Disaster and Human Security Management (DHSM), International Defence Management Course (IDMC), Senior International Defence Management Course (SIDMC), Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) etc.

Professional and Other Courses

Officer in the rank of Sub Lieutenant and Lieutenant normally avails wide range of courses as follows

  • Operator and Maintainer Course for Selected Equipment.
  • Tactical Course for Fast Attack Craft (FAC)
  • Computer Course.
  • Junior Staff Course.
  • MWTC (Maritime Warfare Tactics Course).
  • Principal Warfare Officer Basic { PWO (B)} Course.
  • Electronic Warfare (EW) Instructor Course.
  • NSI/SMI (National Security Intelligence/School of Military Intelligence).
  • Basic Diving Officer (BDO) Course.
  • Basic Hydrography Course.
  • Train the Trainer Course.
  • Torpedo Command and Tactics Course.
  • Missile Officers Course.
  • Para Trooper/Commando Course.
  • Naval Commando Basic (NCB)/Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)/Sea Air & Land (SEAL)/Naval Special Forces (NSF) Course.
  • Ammunition Technical Officers (ATO) Course etc