Information on Sailors Career

Bangladesh Navy has formally started her journey after the liberation war in 1971. First batch of sailor was recruited in 1972. Initially the basic Boot Camp Training was imparted at BNS ISSA KHAN. However subsequently upon establishment of New Entry School at BNS TITUMIR the said training was conducted there since 1977.

Recruitment A sailor is recruited in the navy as continuous or non-continuous service sailor. In continuous service, a sailor is initially recruited for 12 years and subsequently reengaged as per navy regulation. A non-continuous service sailor is initially recruited for 3 years and subsequently re-engaged for the term as laid down in the navy regulation.

Training on completion of Boot Camp Training a sailor undergo various professional courses of different branches / rates in the respective professional schools of Bangladesh Navy. Sailors are also sent to different training schools of sister services (i.e. Army and AirForce) and other Civil Training Institute of Bangladesh as per the requirement of Bangladesh Navy. Professional courses required to be conducted for promotion/advancement of a sailor to the next higher rank duly planned and scheduled by the Drafting Authority in coordination with Training Directorate and various training establishments of Bangladesh Navy.

Promotion/Advancement in the service is considered as the prime requirement of a sailor to build up his career. A sailor may be promoted/advanced step by step up to the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer, the highest rank of sailors' career by fulfilling the requirements of particular rank/branch. To attain this rank a sailor needs minimum 15 years of unblemished service. Master Chief Petty Officers of all branches may be granted Honorary Commissions provided they have rendered especially meritorious service. A sailor may also apply for permanent commissioned rank or Special Duty (SD) List Officer by possessing the qualifications as laid down in the Navy Regulation.

Rank Wise Service and Age Limit of Sailors

Rank  Service Limit Age Limit
OD and equivalents 12 years Nil
AB and equivalents 20 years 42 years
L/S and equivalents 25 years 47 years
PO and equivalents 30 years 52 years
CPO and equivalents 32 years 54 years
SCPO and equivalents 32 years 54 years
MCPO 34 years 54 years

Incentives. In addition to facilities provided by the government, Bangladesh Navy provides following incentives to the sailors during their service career:

  • Course Abroad.
  • Hajj, Sports.
  • Goodwill Mission/Cruise Abroad.
  • Employment of Sailors in the UN Peace Keeping Mission.
  • Employment of Sailors in the Bangladesh Embassy Abroad

Sailors Rank

Name of Rank/Badge Epaulettes/Arm Badge
Master Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer
Petty Officer

Seaman QRP (Qualified Rader Plotter )

Seaman FC (Fire Controller)

Seaman QA (Quarter Armorer)

Seaman TD (Torpedo Detector)

Seaman CD (Clearance Diver)

Seaman SR (Survey Recorder)

Seaman PT (Physical Trainer)





Radio Electrical