Career of BN Officer

Introduction: Navy looks for young gentlemen and women willing to take challenging career and leadership as officer. Equally individuals seek respect, pride and honour are in demands of the Navy. To meet these needs promising young and energetic men/women of high humane quality with required educational standard and character traits are welcome to Bangladesh Navy

Recruitment and Training:

Recruitment categories are:

  • Permanent Commission Interested promising young man/woman after passing HSC from science group undergoes a selection procedure followed by the tests of Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB). Selected cadets join Bangladesh Naval Academy (BNA). At the outset Cadets are sent to BMA for 10 weeks joint training with Army and Air force cadets. Then they come back to BNA for exclusive training on naval aspects. On completion of 18 month training at BNA they are promoted to the rank of Midshipman and sent to various training ships of the fleet for practical sea training. On completion of 6 months training onboard, Midshipman appears before Fleet Board Examination. After qualifying Fleet Board Examination they are promoted to the rank of Acting Sub Lieutenant. On the other hand, after graduating from Engineering university/college selected candidates join BNA for training directly as an Acting Sub Lieutenant. All Acting Sub Lieutenants undergo basic professional training as per their branch and on completion of such training they are again sent to various ships for practical training. On obtaining Watch Keeping/Charge/Competency Certificate they are promoted to Sub Lieutenant rank.
  • Short Service Commission: Interested Master Degree qualified candidates after qualifying in all respect join BNA as an Acting Sub Lieutenant. They join and serve as a short service commissioned officer in the Navy.

Promotion: Promotion prospect has gone very high in Bangladesh Navy (BN) recently due to significant development activities. Introduction of Aviation Wing and Naval Special Force has created new openings for young officers. Submarine Wing is also going to become a reality in next few months. Thus, officers in BN are presented with better career opportunities than before. BN has also been entrusted by the govt to contribute significantly in the maritime sector of Bangladesh and as such many senior govt posts in maritime arena are being manned by navy officers. Overall, lot of scopes have been created in last few years for high rank promotions in BN. BN is also participating actively in international arena with her ships and men, notably in Lebanon as part of Maritime Task Force and in Mali as a riverine unit. In fact BN is one of the very few navies which is able to operate her ships far from home base. All these have made career in the navy more lucrative and more desiring. In the Navy promotion to the rank of Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander is a timescale promotion. Promotion to the rank of Commander and above is a selective promotion.

Ranks of Bangladesh Navy

Midshipman Ag Sub Lieutenant
Sub Lieutenant Lieutenant
Lieutenant Commander Commander
 Captain Commodore
Rear Admiral Vice Admiral

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