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CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF Admiral M Shaheen Iqbal, NBP, NUP, ndc, afwc, psc assumed the command of Bangladesh Navy as the 16th Chief of Naval Staff on 25th July 2020. Prior to his appointment, Admiral Shaheen was serving as Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Operations) at Naval Headquarters. Throughout his long and illustrious 40-year career, he has demonstrated exemplary military acumen and has commanded all major Navy ships, establishments and HQ appointments with utmost success. He is highly regarded for his dedication, professionalism and honesty amongst officers and sailors at all levels. The Admiral received numerous Commendations from the Chief of Naval Staff and Administrative Authorities in recognition of his outstanding professional excellence in Bangladesh Navy. He was adorned with the highest achievement awards in Navy namely “Nou Bahini Padak” (NBP)- for outstanding contribution for BN development, “Nou Utkorsho Padak” (NUP) – for his outstanding academic and professional course performance. Admiral Shaheen has attained extensive education and training in military strategies, combat and tactics both at home and abroad. Some of his major courses include "International Surface Warfare Course" in USA, "Officers Weapon & Tactics Course" with Bangladesh Army and specialized on "Anti-Submarine Warfare" from India. He is a graduate of "Naval Staff College", USA. Later, he completed "Armed Forces War Course" (AFWC), "National Defence Course" (NDC) and Capstone Course from National Defence College, Bangladesh. He has also successfully completed "Combined Force Maritime Component Commander Flag Officers Course" (CFMCC) in USA. The Admiral, a passionate seafarer, proved himself worthy of being entrusted with the command responsibilities from the very early stage of his career in the Navy. He has successfully commanded ships of all sizes including Frigates, Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV), Large Patrol Craft (LPC), Minesweeper, Patrol Craft (PC), Fast Attack Crafts including - Missile and Torpedo Boats. He has also held Navy’s top command posts as Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Operations), Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Personnel), Commander Chattogram Naval Area (COMCHIT), Commodore Commanding Khulna (COMKHUL) as well as commanded major administrative and training bases including BNS TITUMIR and School of Maritime Warfare and Tactics (SMWT). Besides, he has served as Director Naval Operations (DNO) and Director Naval Intelligence (DNI) at the Naval Headquarters. Additionally, he was also appointed as Director, National Security Intelligence (NSI), where he successfully fulfilled a number of important national responsibilities. On behalf of Bangladesh Navy, Admiral Shaheen spearheaded the entire Bhasan Char project to rehabilitate Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) during their influx in 2017 and played an instrumental role in its implementation. Besides, he also played a significant role in facilitating the overall visit of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) delegation regarding maritime boundary delimitation in 2013. Admiral Shaheen has extensively represented Bangladesh Navy (BN) overseas, including several international seminars. He led many high-level operational and training delegations. He has also led the BN delegation during several international naval exercises and headed the BN team during the ship acceptance of Corvettes and Frigates. He is a proud "Blue Flag" bearer as a member of the UN in Iraq. Admiral Shaheen Iqbal is married to Mrs Monira Rowshan Akhter, who is serving as President, Bangladesh Navy Family Welfare Association and Ladies Club. Their only son Muntasir Mamun Iqbal, is presently serving as Director (Institutional Ranking Cell) & Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at North South University and his wife, Nabila Hossain Purno, as a Programme Analyst at UNFPA. Admiral Shaheen Iqbal is fond of travelling, gardening and reading books. He appreciates good music and enjoys golf and tennis.  
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  • Mission

    The mission of Bangladesh Navy is to defend the country from threats emanating on, above and under the sea; promote and protect our maritime interest, assist maritime governance and contribute to the diplomatic objective of our nation.

  • Vision

    Bangladesh Navy shall evolve into a credible three dimensional navy capable of maintaining an effective posture across the full spectrum of any conflict at sea. Bangladesh Navy shall also be able to undertake constabulary and benign tasks to ensure good order at sea for carrying out national maritime economic activities.


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If you are a young gentleman passed HSC exam with required qualification and aspiration to build up a challenging career then Bangladesh Navy is the right place for you. Bangladesh Naval Academy is waiting for you to support fulfilling your dreams.

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A fresh post graduate or graduate can select the career in Bangladesh if he/she is looking for an exciting career with lots of opportunities to see the world. No other service in the nation can offer you this opportunity offered by Bangladesh Navy, why don’t you take a chance?

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Bangladesh Navy is the right place for physically fit, energetic and intelligent boys to join in as a sailor. The New Entry Training School can provide you the required training to be a proud member of Bangladesh Navy.

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Hilsha is our national fish. It provides us necessary protein. Hilsha below 23 cm in length is called Jatka. Catching Jatka is illegal image descriptionaccording to the law. But fishermen catch Jhatka indiscriminately thus creating scarcity of Hilsha in peak season. Bangladesh Navy ships had been operating from 2001 to stop Jhatka catch in Bhola, Haita, Ramgati, Barisal, Pathaghata and adjacent area.

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General Operation

Bangladesh Navy (BN)operates to safeguard the sovereignty over the internal waters & territorial sea, and to ensure sovereign rights over the Contiguous Zone, Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Continental Shelf of Bangladesh while supporting riverine and maritime economic activities including free flow of riverine & sea borne trade. Since its inception BN has carried out many operations which includes both operations of liberation war and peace time operations. The war time operation involved conventional as well as unconventional operation. The peace time operation was mainly related to anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, fishery protection, disaster management, pollution control, Search & Rescue (SAR), policing &marshaling duties for important/sensitive cargo carrying merchant vessels and many others involved in aid to civil power.

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To rehabilitate the homeless and landless people of the rural area a project named "ASRAYAN-2 PROJECT" was launched by the govt in 1997. This was entirely image description materialized by Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Navy. Since Bangladesh is a country of low land and it has approx 700 KM of coastline, a good number of people live in the coastal area. Bangladesh Navy took all the initiative to build low cost houses In the process of construction of low cost houses. BN uses its ships, various types of small and medium boats, mechanized country boats, trucks and many other means. The total effort of the navy personnel, local administration and the local people makes the Project successful. So far Bangladesh Navy has constructed lots of low cost houses in the districts of Cox's Bazar, Chattogram, Noakhali, Laxmipur, Bhola, Barguna, Bagerhat etc. At present Bangladesh Navy has been given with the responsibility of constructing huge low cost houses in coastal areas under the project called "ASHRAYAN-2". Total handed over and under constructed "ASHRAYAN-2" are shown below: S. No. YEARS WORK ORDER OF BARRACK HOUSE HAND OVER & UNDER CONSTRUCTION 1. 1997-1998 4 Handed over 2. 1999-2000 55 Handed over 3. 2003-2004 64 Handed over 4. 2000-2001 39 Handed over 5. 2004-2005 250 Handed over 6. 2005-2006 655 Handed over 7. 2006-2007 373 Handed over 8. 2007-2008 206 Handed over 9. 2008-2009 208 Handed over 10. 2009-2010 16 Handed over 11. 2010-2011 196 Handed over 12. 2011-2012 161 Handed over 13. 2012-2013 207 Handed over 14 2013-2014 244 Handed over 15 2014-2015 52 Handed over 16 2015-2016 314 Handed over 17 2016-2017 101 Handed over 18 2017-2018 181 Handed over 19 2018-2019 192 Handed over = 112, Under Construction = 80 20 2019-2020 101 Under Construction          

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  • Published Date Circular Title Submission Deadline Download
    01-Jan-1970 Civilian Staff - Extra Temporary Establishment (ETE) Recruitment in Bangladesh Navy 02-May-2023
    14-Mar-2023 Bangladesh Navy Civilian Recruitment 2023 04-Apr-2023
    26-Feb-2023 ADVERTISEMENT OF SAILOR AND MODC (N) B-2023 BATCH 25-Mar-2023

News and Events

  • Joint training 'Exercise Tiger Circ-40' of Bangladesh-US Navy begins
    22-May-2023 03:11 am

  • CNS's official visit to Malaysia
    22-May-2023 02:59 am

  • Navy is providing emergency food and medical aid among the affected population by Cyclone 'Mokha' on the island of Saint Martin
    17-May-2023 02:07 am

  • Navy warns residents of coastal areas to seek shelter in case of cyclone Mokha and 21 Navy ships, helicopters and MPAs are ready for post-disaster emergency rescue and relief operations
    13-May-2023 10:38 pm

  • Two warships of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force 'Uraga and Awaji' arrived at Chittagong port on a courtesy visit
    09-Apr-2023 11:11 pm

  • Medical Aid and Relief Distribution by Navy at Saint Martin's Island
    04-Apr-2023 11:16 pm

  • Inauguration of 'Jatka Conservation Week- 2023' and organization of Naval rally
    02-Apr-2023 03:41 am

  • CNS's Official Visit to China
    29-Mar-2023 11:19 pm

  • BNS Sheikh Hasina Commisioning Ceremony
    21-Mar-2023 12:21 am

  • Courtesy meeting of CNS with Royal Saudi Naval Chief
    06-Mar-2023 09:04 pm

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